Farage’s Farrago: Notes from the Swivel Eyed Lunatic Fringe

Nigel Farage’s shameless co-option of the South Yorkshire child abuse scandal has dragged his party to new demagogic lows.

Farage is beyond the pale here – if you pardon the pun. “Political correctness” has not caused the horrific child abuse in Rotherham.

People are responsible for their actions – or lack thereof. The right bang on about this and yet they do not seem to want to apply it here. If people are so squeamish around notions of ethnicity they should not be social workers. Likewise, if they have twisted the idea of an engagement against the dynamics of discrimination to be mean that other ethnic groups cannot be reproached, that is on their heads. This is a grotesque caricature of what people refer to as “political correctness”.

If we are going to go about the insane, inane business of dismissing political stances on the damage that an erroneous reading of them results in, how about the anti-immigration violence your party could be said to give legitimacy to? The discrimination which destroys so many lives in our country’s inner-cities?

Just giving people carte blanch to be bigoted is not going to help things, either. There is cause to think that it will make matters worse. If we make it acceptable to indulge our prejudices and “common sense”, we will end up with a skewed picture of abuse and an inefficient distribution of resources towards an imagined type of perpetrator. This would make suffering more likely in the long run, but of course when you are busy making hay politically you are not bothered about this.


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